Continue the Jazz Harp Journey with « My Favorite Things »

Dear Harpists,

As we eagerly anticipate our third session on the enchanting jazz theme of « My Favorite Things, » I extend a warm invitation to you for this Friday, December 1st. Join us at 10 AM Paris time in the « Pop and Jazz Harp » Facebook group for an extraordinary live session that promises to deepen our exploration of jazz improvisation.

A Series of Musical Discovery

Our journey with « My Favorite Things » has been nothing short of inspiring. This session marks the third in our series, each building upon the last to unfold the rich tapestry of jazz. If you’ve missed the previous sessions, don’t worry – all video sessions are available for replay in our group, allowing you to catch up or revisit the lessons at your leisure.

Interactive and Collaborative Learning

Ahead of our live session, I encourage you to engage by sharing your rendition or improvisation of « My Favorite Things » within our community. This interactive approach not only showcases your talent but also sets the stage for personalized feedback and insights during our live discussion.

Why Join « Pop and Jazz Harp »?

Our Facebook group is a haven for harpists intrigued by the fusion of classical, jazz, and pop. It’s a free, private community where incredible talents converge to exchange ideas, tips, and encouragement. No matter your skill level, you’ll find a supportive environment to expand your musical horizons.

Looking Forward to Our Session

  • Delve deeper into jazz improvisation techniques for the harp.
  • Embrace new expressions and feelings through « My Favorite Things. »
  • Connect with a passionate and inspiring group of fellow harpists.

Prepare for a Great Musical Experience

So, tune your harp and mark your calendar for this Friday. Our collective exploration of jazz is not just about learning new techniques – it’s about sharing a journey of musical growth and expression.

Join us in « Pop and Jazz Harp » this December 1st at 10 AM (Paris time) for our third session.

Let’s continue to weave our beautiful musical tapestry together!

Best wishes