News from Bulgaria

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are in good health and you still have energy and love to support your favorite artists and musicians.
It was just a few days ago and I returned from a pleasant tour on Bulgaria.

I had a great time there with my trio, I was so happy that I could show a little bit of the beauty of my country to Cédric Le Donne and Franck Le Donne. I promise I will share and describe in another post some interesting and great moments.

Now I am glad to share with you an amazing article about my music and our show in Varna, the jazz harp and the happiness of the Bulgarian audience.
All of the article was written by the journalist from the Bulgarian Music Association Veso Zlatkov . I wanted to thank him a lot for all the kind words.

The article  « Росица Милевска или как се вплита джаз в струните на арфа » is in Bulgarian. After that, I will translate you two parts that touched me a lot.

So here you have the MAIN ARTICLE & INTERVIEW for whom I am so grateful.I had such a pleasure to answer the questions of Veso Zlatkov so I would love to translate you all the interview very soon.Stay tuned and come back soon.

« …Rossitza Milevska is one of the few musicians in the world who turn the classical harp into a full-fledged means of communication with the modern audience. In the age of digitally generated sound, this instrument, as ancient as music itself, is not losing its place. Everything, of course, depends on the musician who plays it, and Rossitza Milevska is a clear proof of that. Innovative, bold, full of energy, which extremely quickly and naturally embraces the audience, she shines with its humble virtuosity… »

« …Looking at her and listening to everything she does seems so easy… And the music is so beautiful that you just wonder why there is no more jazz and other popular music in which the harp is the main instrument?… »

Rossitza MILEVSKA by Evgeni Dimitrov