The summer is still here

French riviera pianist harpist despacito

Dear Friends,Hello from Nice, France where the summer is still here 🙂
We are in October but the sun is shining so good. I love the French Riviera, it is so beautiful here.
But it’s also so inspiring…
So I would like to talk about a song from this summer hit called « Despacito ».
This summer I was with a great friend of mine, the pianist and singer Peggy Polito and we just played some funny stuffs so we stopped on the theme of Despacito and more we played more we enjoyed it… So at the end, we just recorded it and realized a video with another friend of us – Marion Gris.
The day of the « making of » of the video was one of the most funny days that I had this year.
We found an amazing place, fulled with a different kind of graffiti in Frejus.
We pushed the harp, the piano, the cameras and we laughed all over the way and we made some really funny pictures.
You may see them on our Facebook page Duo ECLECTICA.
We spent a really good time together and you may enjoy the music and this amazing « secret » place in Frejus on our YouTube channel